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Welcome to Your Wellness One-Stop-Shop!

Doctor Earth Bondi Junction has been the local iconic health food store since the 1970s. Our specialty is in helping our customers attain and maintain optimal health and longevity by providing the latest evidence-based natural supplements and professional naturopathic services through our health food store and our wellness clinic. Consider us your wellness 'one-stop shop'!

We pride ourselves with the philosophy of making health foods accessible to everyone by offering a wide range, competitive prices and excellent customer service. All our customer service staff are well trained in nutrition and naturopathy. In fact, most of our staff members are also qualified naturopaths. Because we are independently owned, you also get personalized service from the owners of the store.

Come visit us and get the most up-to-date natural medicine treatment information for your health condition and competitive prices for your health supplements.

We Are Hiring!

Seeking retail naturopaths who are passionate about health & retail!

Doctor Earth BJ is hiring! Are you a recent naturopathy graduate who is looking at gaining some experience in the natural health industry? What better way to build your knowledge and confidence than by helping customers with their health enquiries all day long in a busy iconic health food store with a wide range of supplements, whole foods, natural body & beauty products and ecofriendly homecare products? Doctor Earth Bondi Junction Health Foods prides itself in helping our customers attain and maintain optimal health and wellness using evidence-based natural therapies and products for over 30 years. We are looking for a recent naturopathy graduate who shares our passion and philosophy in health and in helping others. Our interview process is comprehensive and thorough because we want to ensure that there is a mutual fit between yourself and our business. We pay particular attention to your level of knowledge, your ability to interact and work with others, your attitude towards learning, and your level of passion for natural health. Prior experience in another health food store is preferable but not essential. We place great emphasis in the training of our staff members as we want to deliver the latest and the best evidence-based advice to our customers. The successful candidate will be extensively trained in all our practitioner and retail brand products and will also be sent for appropriate industry based continuous education workshops and seminars. We look forward to hearing from like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference to the health of others! Please email your resume to our store manager, Peter, together with a cover letter, if you are interested in applying for this position. Our email address is

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Doctor Earth Bondi Junction is now a proud supporter of the MINDD Foundation.

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